“The dermatological brand expert in formulation for every skin, for every stage.”

Our mission

We formulate dermatological skin care products , improving the quality of life of our patients throughout their lives.

#NOTESTNOCLAIM: Our main commitments as a dermatological laboratory are transparency and safety, which is why in everything we do we prioritize scientific honesty.

FORMULATION: Our expertise in formulation allows us to combine effectiveness, safety and sensoriality, adapting to each need throughout your life.

HEALTH: The skin is the reflection of your health, which is why we raise awareness of the need to take care of it at all stages of your life.

CLOSENESS: Dermatologists, pharmacists and patients, whoever you are, we listen to you and adapt to your reality, offering solutions for each skin, for each stage.

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Our Tests

Tested on nickel, chromium, cobalt, mercury and palladium

Each of the metals contains less than one part per million (1 ppm) which is the minimum amount that meets the minimum product acceptability requirements. Small amounts may be responsible for skin sensitization. All Ganassini Institute products are tested on the main heavy metals responsible for skin sensitization, with instruments with detection limits of one part per billion (1ppb, 3 orders of magnitude lower).

Dermatologically tested formulations

The product undergoes a Patch Test, a diagnostic method used to detect the presence of substances that, when in contact with the skin, cause contact dermatitis.

Microbiologically tested formulations

Each production batch is tested for the presence of microorganisms to verify its compliance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.

Ophthalmologically tested formulations

The ophthalmological test is performed to evaluate the degree of tolerance of the cosmetics to be used in the periocular area. Cosmetic tolerability is defined on the basis of a clinical evaluation by an ophthalmologist, who evaluates any abnormalities in the eye and records any adverse reactions reported by the volunteers.

Hypoallergenic formulations

The products are formulated to minimize the risk of allergies. The product undergoes the “Repeated Insult Patch Test” (HRIPT), which is an allergy test repeated over time.

Non-comedogenic formulations

The test allows us to evaluate whether the daily use of a product is responsible for the formation of blackheads, the appearance of which can cause occlusion of the sebaceous follicle, with the possible formation of skin imperfections.