“We believe that cosmetics are more than beauty and should take care of the condition of the skin and we are dedicated to that.”

Monica Lizondo, CEO

“I have always been fascinated by the power of nature, the medicinal properties of plants and how to make remedies with them. That's why I studied pharmacy, and I specialized in Galénica, which is the art of transforming pure ingredients into products that work and solve needs.

After years working in companies in the cosmetics industry and also as the owner of a pharmacy with special dedication to dermatology products, with all the accumulated knowledge, I decided to formulate my own cosmetics. And it is in biotechnology where I found inspiration and answers to all my concerns.

Nature teaches us, we learn from it and it is our job to transform it into products with real, proven effectiveness, that work and that solve the needs of each skin. A cosmetic that offers results, sustainable and transparent about each of its ingredients and their exact concentrations. This is my personal commitment. And Segle Clinical is our answer.”

We learn from nature

We formulate new products with ingredients extracted from plants (green biotechnology) and the sea (blue biotechnology) , organisms that for millennia have proven effective in surviving extreme environments and that now, thanks to biotechnology, we can apply to our skin to Protect it from pollution, stress or blue light from digital screens.

They are active ingredients extracted from spirulina or chlorella algae, argan or apple stem cells, growth factors and other new biotechnological active ingredients that allow us to imagine, create and develop even more effective products, taking advantage of the resources that nature gives us.

The power of Serum

The serum has a special power. Its liquid texture is absorbed quickly, penetrating deeper layers of the skin (compared to other more traditional formulas) and much more effectively, due to its high concentration of active ingredients.

The serum hydrates, protects and transforms from the inside. It is suitable for all skin types and any age. From a very young age, there is a serum for you and for any need. The serum allows us to imagine and create different formulas that achieve faster and more effective results. We want to offer you the best in innovation and effectiveness, in contrast to what has always been used.

A formula has to be effective

All our products are aimed at caring for and improving the condition of the skin, internally and externally. Efficiency is our commitment and that is how we formulate our cosmetics, combining biotechnological ingredients with others with a long scientific history, always in the optimal concentrations and presentations to achieve the best results for your skin. That you notice results, and your skin improves, is what moves us.

The best routine, the easiest

We believe that easier is always better. All our products are multi-action: we design complex formulas so that you can simplify your routine.

In fewer steps, more benefits for your skin. A routine with the necessary products to cover the basic needs of each skin and ensure that it is in absolute balance. Simply by following some simple guidelines we seek healthy and luminous skin with easy-to-use products.

Having a radiant face is no longer linked to the quantity of products you use but to their quality.

Our products are sustainable

Our ingredients are biotechnological , so we save up to 99% in land area, and 99% in water consumption. With just a small part of nature (a piece of a plant or a creature from the sea) we develop an entire cell line. This means that the production of our products has a minimal impact on the planet's ecosystem.

With the aim of contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint, we work with physically close suppliers and recyclable packaging. We also limit the transportation of necessary raw materials by working with more concentrated assets at the cellular level. And no, our products have not been tested on animals.

We are transparent with you

We believe that transparency is the basis of trust. That's why we take it as a responsibility to communicate all our assets, explain how to use them to get the most out of them, and advise you transparently on what is best for your skin at all times.

Our cosmetics go beyond beauty and must serve to protect and improve the condition of the skin. Internally, externally and visible.