Affiliate Marketing

What's affiliates marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy that is based on the following principle: We (International Cosmetic), who are an eCommerce, and an affiliate that agrees to promote our products or services in exchange for a commission from possible sales resulting.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate usually has a blog or content page that is growing in traffic and visits and wants to take advantage of it to make money. You want to monetize your page or blog. It is essential to inspire trust in both users and the company with which you affiliate, as well as the selection of products and commercial relationships you make from the date the affiliate program begins.

The affiliate makes available its website, advertising space and the reach and traffic of its website that is channeled to International Cosmetic.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

  • Profitable – International Cosmetic only pays the affiliate if the customer makes a purchase of a product. That is, the affiliate attracts a potential customer to our website, and if this customer ends up making a purchase, both we and the affiliate win.
  • Simple analytics : Affiliate programs can be easily followed through statistics and data with which to perform metrics, comparisons and studies.
  • Constant flow of income : Even without being behind the computer, as it is a job that depends on traffic, redirects and purchases over the Internet, you can make money at any time.
  • Safe work : It has practically no risk, you do not have to invest in products or services to market but you "promote" our articles. In the same way, we do not incur expenses if the process does not work.
  • Simply sell what is related to your sector : If it happens that you have a very well-positioned blog about cosmetics, then the most logical option is to "promote" cosmetic products. If you have good content you will be able to get adequate traffic to channel to our website, with which you maintain your affiliation.

How does it work on a technical level?

Our membership system is based on cookies at a technical level. An example could be as follows:

A customer arrives at the affiliate's blog or website and clicks on a link or banner that takes them to our website, establishing a cookie in the user's browser. If you finally make a purchase, the process is tracked with the cookie, which is capable of identifying the affiliate and already assessing the amount of the commission for the service.

First steps

Affiliate account registration

The first step is to register on our website as an affiliate, for which you must send us the request from this page.

An administrator will review each request carefully to see if the medium you have chosen to promote our website meets our requirements.

The status of a request can take on the following statuses:

  • Request submitted: We are reviewing your request and no commissions are generated yet and you have partial access to the affiliate panel.
  • Application accepted: Your application has been accepted and you can now start your work as an affiliate.
  • Rejected request: Your request has not been accepted. If you want to know more reasons, contact us at indicating your registration email.

Every time your account status is updated, you receive an email to the email address indicated during registration.

Affiliate account suspended or blocked

We reserve the right to block or suspend your affiliate account at any time if we detect fraud, abuse or blatant breach of our affiliate terms and conditions.

During the time your account is blocked or suspended, we will investigate the matter and contact you (you will also receive an email regarding this circumstance). No affiliate commissions are generated while your account is blocked or suspended.

Get familiar with the affiliate panel

Once your account has been accepted and activated, from My Account -> Affiliate Panel you will have access to everything you need, including statistics, commission and payment reports, and the affiliate link generator.

Affiliate Panel

How to access the affiliate panel

Once you have registered and sent your application to be an affiliate, we will review all the data, and if your application is accepted, all you will have to do is click on the Login icon (upper right part of our website), and access with the email and password you used when registering.

Once logged in, go to My Account -> Affiliate Dashboard .

Main panel

It is the main desktop of your affiliate account. In it you can see statistics and details such as:

  • Affiliation Rate: The percentage of commission you get on sales.
  • Total Profits: The total benefits or commissions you have generated since you became an affiliate.
  • Total Paid: The commission payments that have been paid to you.
  • Total Refunded: Customers have the right to change their mind and return their purchased products requesting a refund. In this situation, the amount of the total (or partial) order and its commissions are also refunded and payment will no longer proceed.
  • Visits: The times that a unique user has clicked on an affiliate link on your website or blog, redirecting to our website.
  • Conversion Rate: Percentage of the visits you have generated to our website and who have made a purchase or order.

Commissions Panel

In the commission panel you can see all the commissions you have generated, detailed by product sold. You can filter commissions by date.

Commission status is linked to the status of an order:

  • Not confirmed: This status generally appears when the client pays by Bank Transfer, or during the period of time in which the payment gateway sends us confirmation that the payment has been made. If the customer has paid by transfer, this is the status that will appear until the transfer is made, we verify that this has been the case, and the order changes to paid.
  • Pending: The status that takes a commission once the order has been paid, regardless of the payment method. It means that the commission is ready to be paid to you.
  • Canceled: When the status of the order becomes canceled or failed. There are various reasons why this status may appear, the most common is that the client begins the payment through a gateway such as Aplazame or Bizum, and abandons the process without paying. Or incorrect data when entering your card details.
  • Refunded: When the status of the order becomes refunded. The refund can be total (for all products purchased) or partial (for part of the products purchased). You will only be deducted the amount in commissions for those products that the customer has returned.
  • Paid: The commissions that have been deposited into your Stripe account.

NOTE: On certain occasions and if the customer who made the purchase has obtained a gift product at 0 cost, you will see these products in the commission panel but the gift products do not generate commission since their cost is free for the customer.

Consult more information in Commissions and Payments

click panel

In this panel you can check the performance of your affiliate links with all the clicks made on them during the last 60 days. You can filter clicks by date.

The status can vary between:

  • Not Converted: It is a click made by a customer on one of your affiliate links, but in the end they have not made a purchase on our website.
  • Converted: It is a click made by a customer on one of your affiliate links, and who ended up making a purchase on our website.

Payment panel

In this panel you can check all the commission payments that have been made to your stripe account. You can filter payments by date.

Commission payments are made on the 1st of each month, and include all pending commissions older than 30 days. We give this period of 30 days, since it is the period during which the customer can return the products, and therefore, it would affect the status of the commission. Once these 30 days have passed, the commission is ready to be transferred to your stripe account.

A payment contains or may therefore contain multiple commissions. The status of a payment can vary between:

  • Pending: International Cosmetic has made the transfer or payment of commissions to your connected Stripe account, and we are waiting for Stripe to confirm the transaction.
  • Completed: Stripe has confirmed that the transfer was successful and is on its way or is already in your Stripe account.

Consult more information in Commissions and Payments

Generate links panel

In this panel you can generate all the affiliate links you want. By default, when your affiliate account is activated, you are assigned an affiliate ID and a main or referral link that will be of the type: This link, when clicked by a customer, would take them to our home page Your affiliate ID is passed in the URL, so when it is detected by our website, we know which affiliate it comes from and who to assign the commissions to.

Because only products, when purchased by a customer, generate commissions, you will often want to share a link not to our home page but to a specific product. Imagine that you have created a post on your website talking about one of our products, e.g. Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid, and you want to generate an affiliate link that redirects directly to this product. To do this, you must first go to that product on our website, copy the url which would be:, Paste it in the URL field of the page, and press the Generate button. In this way, you would be provided with the affiliate link with your ID, which would be: XXXXX. This is the link that you must put on your website, blog, or the electronic medium that you have chosen to promote our site.

If once you have generated the link, instead of putting it on your website or blog, you want to share it on social networks, by email or WhatsApp, you can do so in the Share section. Following the previous example, when sharing the generated link, a link is created with the image, name and brief description of the product (in this case Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid), with a link to that product and which already includes your ID. affiliate, so when someone clicks on that shared link, our system will be able to know where that visit came from and who to assign the commissions to. The options currently available in Share are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email and WhatsApp.

Settings panel

These settings are what you complete and submit when you register as an affiliate, but you can modify them later here. Additionally, you can configure what types of email notifications you want to receive.

If you change the “Website” or “How you will promote our site” settings, it will be checked again by us to make sure everything is correct.

Commissions and Payments

Affiliate Commissions

Every time someone from one of your affiliate links makes a purchase, a commission will be generated for you. Only the products or services that we offer on our website generate commissions. There are some exceptions:

  • Purchases made by the affiliate themselves do not generate commissions.
  • The gift products that we offer on our website for free do not generate commissions.
  • Products refunded to the customer or returns do not generate commissions.

Persistence of commissions

When a customer visits our website from an affiliate link and makes a purchase, in addition to the commission for that purchase, a link is established in that customer's profile to your affiliate ID. So you not only generate commissions for that client that you have brought to the website, but also for future purchases that that client may make on our website, even if they access it directly (without clicking on an affiliate link).

You have managed to bring us this customer, and we will assign you commissions for that customer's future purchases.

There is an exception that can cause this link in the customer profile to change: If the customer, while browsing the website, clicks on a link from another affiliate and makes a purchase through it, this new affiliate will be assigned, therefore that commissions for future purchases from that customer will be assigned to the new affiliate, even if they access our website directly.

Commission calculation

When calculating the commission, you must keep in mind that this calculation is made on the cost of the product without VAT and without Discounts .

  • If a product does not have a discount, the commission rate is applied to the result of subtracting VAT from the price of the product.
  • If a product has a discount, the commission rate is applied to the result of subtracting VAT and the discount from the price of the product

The discounts that we generally use on our website are coupon discounts, and percentage discounts applied directly to the products.

NOTE: Commissions for the first purchase or subsequent purchases by the same customer are calculated as follows:

  1. First Purchase: The total of your agreed commission rate.
  2. Next Purchases: 70% of your agreed commission rate (even if the customer accesses our website directly without clicking on an affiliate link of yours)

Commission rate

The general rates for all new affiliates will be those agreed with International Cosmetic. Contact at

There are specific product rates that take precedence over the above. That is, if a certain product has a commission rate of 15%, that will be the rate that will be assigned to you, overriding your affiliate rate.

There are currently no commission rates assigned to products, we will update this section in the future so you know which products may be more profitable and earn you more commission when advertising them.


We use a third-party system to handle payments, through and through their Stripe Connect platform. You need to follow the process of connecting your Stripe account to ours, and keep it connected for the duration of the relationship so that we can transfer commissions to your Stripe account. You can review the Stripe Connect terms and conditions here.

Because the status of a commission is linked to the status of an order, if the order is in any of the following statuses , no commission is generated : refunded, on hold, pending payment, canceled or failed. Refunded orders may be for part of the products included in the order or all of them, so only products that have been returned or refunded will not generate a commission.

We order commissions to be transferred to your connected Stripe account on the 1st of each month . Stripe may manage its own timelines for sending these transfers from your Stripe account to your bank account (ranging from 3 to 7 days).