What is the right eye contour for me? We give you the recommendations you need

¿Cuál es el contorno de ojos adecuado para mí? Te damos las recomendaciones que necesitas

Maria Teresa Moneo |

Finding the right eye contour is not an easy task, so today we will tell you what you should keep in mind when looking for it and we will recommend some of them. Goodbye to doubts.

What is it and what function does it have?

The area around the eyes, also known more technically as the periocular area, is made up of thinner, more delicate and sensitive skin because it practically does not contain hair follicles, sebaceous glands or adipose tissue like the rest, and if all of that matters We add the passage of time plus the daily habits to which it is exposed, for example, gesturing continuously, how we sleep, if we do not rest properly and the external factors to which we are exposed, among others... it is the mere reason why which is considered the first area to suffer the first signs of aging.

Using an eye contour is essential since they contain specific formulations to help this area of ​​the skin, so different from the rest, to be able to slow down and delay the aging process, giving the skin what it needs to combat bags, dark circles, first wrinkle lines. expression and wrinkles, and in advanced cases the lack of firmness of the upper eyelid.

Our eyes say a lot about us, so it is important to take care of them and the key is knowing how to choose the right eye contour for each need or needs.'

How to choose the right eye contour?

First of all, it is important that you analyze what worries you about your eye area, what needs your gaze. Do you feel the area dehydrated? Is it dull, haggard or swollen? Are you worried about expression lines and wrinkles? Or is it a set of everything?

The key comes now, once you know what really worries you, we are going to look for the solution in an eye contour based on a formulation that incorporates, above all, ingredients that provide the correct benefits based on our needs, specific, gentle and effective, respectful of the skin, full of repairing ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins, inter-cellular communicators, omegas, etc...

One recommendation is to avoid formulas that contain ingredients such as fragrant plant oils or synthetic fragrances that can cause inflammation or irritation, since they are ingredients that do not provide benefits and are not very tolerant, especially for this area of ​​skin that is so thin, delicate and sensitive. .

 We name you the most requested needs:


It is one of the most basic needs, if we do not hydrate the area based on eye contours with moisturizing and repairing ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, we must help return the hydration and elasticity it needs to the area.


The contour area lacks sebaceous glands, so when the area feels really dry, we must incorporate ingredients such as lipids and omegas to provide the nutrition it needs.


When we have this concern we are referring to edematous bags (those of liquid and not those of fat) these are due to the accumulation of fluids, here we need soothing and decongestant ingredients. The result of pockets of fat that accumulate at the bottom is a symbol of skin aging and there are no cosmetic products that can treat them.

Baggy eyes

If we suffer from purplish or greenish dark circles, it comes from poor circulation and lack of rest. Vitamins and caffeine are perfect ingredients to reduce the appearance of broken vessels and accelerate circulation. For brown pigmented dark circles, illuminating and antioxidant agents such as Vitamin C and E, Niacinamide, are perfect to provide luminosity and unify the tone.

Expression lines, wrinkles or lack of firmness

Here we need more complete and advanced formulas that incorporate firming Peptides, Tensing and Illuminating Agents, without forgetting intercellular communicators to activate skin cell renewal.

Sensitive or reactive contour area

In these cases we must provide comfort above all else immediately, to avoid tightness and sensitivity or redness, and not only in the contour but also in eyelids that have a tendency to dermatitis or itching, we must nourish, protect and soothe with soothing and moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

We recommend eye contours based on all these needs.

For us it is very important to take care of our eyes, for this reason our mission is to offer eye contours based on formulas loaded with specific active ingredients, which are respectful of the skin and highly effective, safe and stable.

All the eye contours that you will find work perfectly for any need since they incorporate very well formulated active ingredients, providing a desirable tolerance for all skin types and offering guaranteed effectiveness in results.

We mention some of the most complete and innovative eye contours

Peptide + Caffeine Firming Eye Cream by Current State of Skin

Fights the triad of eyes, dryness, bags, dark circles and wrinkles, contains coconut water rich in electrolytes that deeply hydrates, caffeine that helps reduce bags, along with Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant action. Additionally, it contains Syn-Ake, which is a powerful tripeptide, which smoothes lines caused by facial expressions to ensure a radiant look every day. A super complete formula at an unbeatable price, you can't miss it.

Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex

It is ideal for dark circles, dehydration and aging. Enriched with Niacinamide and Panthenol, to maintain and repair the skin's natural barrier function, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hibiscus flower extract helps gently activate cell renewal, smoothing and illuminating the skin's surface, while Hyaluronic Acid hydrates, provides flexibility and volumizes. The soothing and refreshing cucumber extract helps reduce bloating and dehydration.

Royal Vita Propolis by Dr Ceuracle

Ideal to cover any need, it is the most desired contour for dryness, dehydration and brown pigmented dark circles and with anti-aging action. A formula composed of Vita-Collagen microcapsules, which combine vitamin C and Collagen that dissolve on contact with the skin and fuse the active ingredients to deeply nourish the skin and counteract the multiple signs of aging. It also contains Queen Bee Gel that reinforces the skin barrier and 33.5% Propolis to boost the skin's immune system.

Sphynx by Skiintegra

Ideal for all skin types, and especially for the most sensitive or reactive contours. The complex of peptides, ceramides, provitamins A, C and E, plant collagen, antioxidants and amino acids such as Betaine which has anti-irritant properties.

Synergistically promotes collagen and elastin synthesis, restores moisture and regenerates the skin. As a result, the eye area looks nourished and de-stressed.

Peptides & Omegas from Allies of skin

An award-winning and highly advanced eye contour, innovative and super powerful in terms of formulation, with the ability to effectively address all needs. Its high-performance Peptide blend includes the active ingredients Matrixyl® Morphomics™ and Neodermyl®, improving the appearance of three types of wrinkles: expression lines, internal angle folds and dehydration lines.

Contains a powerful combination of periorbital illuminators, such as Orchistem™ and Bioskinup™ Contour 3R, which act immediately, providing significant firmness and flexibility to the skin, and helps refresh tired appearance by acting on dark circles and bags.

With Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a powerful derivative of vitamin C that combats dullness and signs of fatigue.

1% Bakuchiol, to reduce the depth of wrinkles and skin roughness.

And a nourishing blend of omega-rich oils that provides extraordinary hydration.

Owel Multi Peptide by Holifrog

The most acclaimed eye contour for its pricey formulation, with a rich and melting texture. Its formula features a cocktail of powerful next-generation botox-effect peptides, amino acids and antioxidants, which help blur expression lines and wrinkles, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and prevent collagen degradation.

Derma Lift 5.0 by Dermaceutic

For those looking for a tightening effect, this fantastic firming serum generates an immediate lifting effect thanks to Pullulan Extract, providing a long-term firming effect, thanks to its high concentration of the Collagen and Elastin Stimulating Peptide Complex, it firms the skin. With Bakuchiol to repair and protect damaged skin and activate cell renewal, without forgetting the Cermides, Panthenol and Mineral Cocktail that provide hydration and reinforce the protective barrier. All an advanced anti-aging.


Analyze your needs well and make sure that the formulas are free of perfumes, that they are full of active ingredients that provide benefits to your skin in an effective and enriching way, and that they are highly stabilized, safe and do not cause irritation.

We hope our recommendations have helped you.

Thank you!

See you next time ;)