What is the difference between a BB cream, CC cream or DD Cream?

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre una BB cream, CC cream o DD Cream?

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If you've been reading fashion magazines or shopping for cosmetics lately, you've probably heard or seen something about a new group of products called BB cream , CC cream , or even DD cream . And we're not talking about bra sizes!

Not surprisingly, many of you have asked us if the claims made about these products are true. Who wouldn't want to know if these creams can do everything they say they do, from treating pigmentation spots, eliminating acne breakouts, brightening the skin, removing dark circles, to fighting the dreaded wrinkles?

What are BB cream, CC cream or DD cream? What is the difference between them and can any of them, regardless of their initials, generate a benefit for the skin? The International Cosmetic research team reveals the truth (and a little history) about this latest makeup trend!

BB creams, an almost incredible makeup trend

They were developed in Germany, the initials "BB", originally meaning "benefit balm". They first began to become known in Korea and then became a necessity in much of Asia. When these products began to appear on the market In the US, they were renamed “beauty balms.” The main selling point of all BB creams is that they provide some foundation-like coverage along with some additional benefits, such as sun protection and anti-aging ingredients. .An all-in-one for daily use.

BB creams from Asian and Western companies are not the same. BB creams from Asia tend to be quite thick, with higher levels of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for greater UV protection and create a whiter appearance on the skin. On the other hand, most Western BB creams are more hydrating with light color and the sun protection factor may or may not contain mineral active ingredients.

What about the additional benefits they say BB creams have? That largely depends on your individual formula. While some contain a good cocktail of antioxidants and sunscreens, there are other BB creams that we should avoid.

CC Cream, a copy of BB Cream?

CC creams are not so different from their sisters - BB -. The initials CC usually mean "color" and "correction." What makes CC creams more unique is because they provide greater coverage than BB creams, as well as providing skin benefits (such as reduction of redness or blemishes on the skin).

The truth? Any well-formulated fluid or creamy foundation provides the same color correction and many contain skin-beneficial ingredients too!

DD Cream, the latest hybrids hitting the market

There aren't many of them loose around at the moment...!
“DD” stands for “daily protection” or “all-in-one,” depending on which company sells the product, DD creams are supposed to provide more coverage than BB creams, but with more skin benefits than CC creams ( specifically the anti-aging benefits).

BB cream, CC cream, DD Cream, are they essential products?

The most direct answer is "no." The best thing is that they may be convenient products for people looking for an all-in-one, but the reality is that there is nothing particularly revolutionary or special about them. Most are tinted moisturizers or lightweight foundations dressed in a new name designed to get more people to buy them.

The best ones add some beneficial ingredients, but that's certainly not the case for all of them, regardless of their initials. Remember to look critically at the list of ingredients and not be seduced by such tempting claims!