Peptides for your skin? Definitely! We tell you

¿Péptidos para tu piel? ¡Sin duda! Te lo contamos

Maria Teresa Moneo |

What are peptides and their benefits

Today you are going to learn! This is science and your skin will thank you.

Peptides are molecules formed by the union of two or more amino acids, they act by helping to form the support structure of the skin and have the function of sending specific signals to the cells so that they do their job, for example, the function of stimulating and accelerate the production of collagen and elastin responsible for providing flexibility and firmness to our skin.

Therefore, peptides are produced by our own body, which means that with the passage of time our skin ages and its production mechanisms slow down, producing fewer and fewer peptides, thus decreasing their quantity. This leads to the skin having an increasingly slower capacity to regenerate with results of loss of firmness, appearance of wrinkles, changes in texture, density and much more...

For that simple reason, we are destined to include Peptides in our routine if we want to keep our skin on the front line.

The fascinating thing about Peptides is that there is extensive research that has clearly shown that each of them works in a very specific way to meet an exact need in skin care.

By applying them topically we are helping to once again stimulate the sending of concrete and specific signals to the cells so that they begin to work again at an optimal rate and once again perform their certain functions for good tissue regeneration, a function of reinforced skin barrier and global skin aging is slowed down.

Types of Peptides

Each type of peptide has a different and specific action on the skin and depending on the function they perform, they work differently.

We mention some that you can find in the formulas, being able to combine one or even several:

  • Dipeptide stimulate collagen production
  • Tripeptide helps skin repair
  • Tetrapeptides help skin elasticity
  • Pentapeptide repair, regenerate, provide firmness and elasticity to the skin.
  • Hexapeptides help reduce expression lines and wrinkles, they are tensioners.

Peptides need to team up

The most important thing to keep in mind is that although Peptides are wonderful ingredients, they need “a team” to help address all of your skin's needs.

Any formula must also include specialized ingredients such as: antioxidants, nourishing ingredients and hydrating ingredients, etc... Peptides can do a lot on their own, however, they are a powerful anti-aging ally in combination with other ingredients that enhance their effectiveness, calm and hydrate the skin.

These formulas address multiple signs of aging and without a doubt make a difference in the results!

Discover here all the products formulated with Peptides

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You can choose the products with peptides that best suit your needs and remember that they are fabulous active ingredients for all skin types.

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What you have to be clear about is that Peptides are a key ingredient for an anti-aging routine, and that as they are produced by our own body they will have zero toxicity in our skin, being an incredible advantage to not have excuses and incorporate them into your routine if what you are already worried about are your first signs of aging.

The best approach is to use a cocktail of excellent combinations including antioxidants and repairing substances to visibly improve our skin and keep it looking younger.