The natural enemy of acne



It manages to transport up to 12 times more active ingredient into the skin than when used freely.

They penetrate the skin quickly and safely , preserving all their properties.

Thanks to this exclusive encapsulation , the results of our formulas are incredibly enhanced.

  • Nichosome® Follicular Delivery System


    Thanks to Nichosome® Follicular Delivery System, the active ingredients are specifically released in the deepest areas of the hair follicle to act more intensely and precisely without the need to use alcoholic solvents for absorption, thus avoiding the effects of dryness and irritation that they cause.

  • Nichosome® Follicular Delivery System


    An encapsulation system designed especially for sensitive skin that manages to increase the concentration of the active ingredient in the stratum corneum, minimizing the penetration of acids into other deeper layers of the skin, preventing them from irritating it. Nichosome® is made up of phospholipids and ceramides that quickly repair the damage caused by alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), thus recovering the skin barrier.

/You are perfect. You are beautiful/

Acnemy is the natural enemy of acne. A brand for real people with normal problems. We don't believe in the idea of ​​a standard of perfect beauty. For us, perfection is you just as you are. We bust acne myths to show you what really works and what doesn't.

/No one can judge you but you/

Improve the lives of people with acne, helping them feel better about their skin. Remembering that the most important opinion is that of oneself and that no one can or should be judged by their appearance. Help understand and raise awareness. A reality exercise that pushes us to face the problem from the strength that everyone has but that is sometimes difficult to find.

/Acne is normal. Be real to succeed/

There is no reason to be ashamed of something you have not chosen. Understanding that acne is the most common skin ailment is essential to handle it naturally.
Normalizing it helps to address it successfully and prevents a skin problem from spreading to emotions, translating into negative thoughts. Skin problems should stay on the skin. Having a realistic approach to the problem and its possible solutions is essential to be able to combat it successfully.
Our formulas have an effectiveness never seen in non-pharmacological creams, but like any topical treatment, it can have its limitations in serious cases and at Acnemy we are not going to play with anyone's hopes, WE DO NOT PROMISE ANYTHING THAT WE WILL NOT ACHIEVE. If our products are not the complete solution to your acne, a visit to a dermatologist is mandatory.

/Better. Stronger/

Committed to the real problem. Providing real solutions without generating false expectations. We fight to banish complexes. Push people to show their true selves because being yourself is always the best option.
We are committed to daring, originality, and strength as an attitude towards life. Aware that everyone is better than the worst of their problems. Without fear.

All our products are

paraben-free / sulfate-free / fragrance-free
vegan / gluten free / cruelly free