“A synergy of active ingredients based on knowledge and mastery of the latest scientific advances. ”

Scientific cosmetology for people with soul

A precise formulation based on current needs. Formulas born from the synergy between aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. An exhaustive study of the needs of hundreds of patients.

An analysis of the improvements achieved with the different active ingredients and their action ranges. An evaluation of the effects achieved and their prolongation over time depending on the concentrations.

Dr. Arturo Álvarez-Bautista

Graduate in Chemical Sciences at the University of the Basque Country and master's degree in Biomedicine. He obtained his doctorate in Controlled and targeted release of drugs in cancer therapy. This is where it goes deeper into the skin area. After his doctorate, he spent several years in Portugal doing a postdoctoral degree in the same area. There she gives free rein to what has always been her passion: cosmetology and the art of formulation.
Cosmetic formulation is expertise, it is mastery, it is not leaving any of the possible chemical interactions between active ingredients to chance. It is achieving excellence in the activity of its compounds, turning them into an art, the art of beautifying with efficiency. It is assembling each and every one of the pieces without losing effectiveness and expressing the soul of the product without making it lose effectiveness. Formulating is intuiting, selecting, mixing and testing. To formulate is to get excited about the final result. Cosmetics is the science that tries to improve and beautify healthy skin and turn its care into a unique ritual: I like this cosmetic and it also works.

Dr. María José Rubira

Trained as a Rheumatologist at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, she worked for more than 15 years in this specialty. After spending time outside Spain and being lucky enough to live with people from different countries, he discovered the importance of aesthetic medicine and physical care as an impulse and support for better personal and professional development.

An aesthetic medicine far from frivolity; universal, for everyone and because we all need to look good, reinforce our self-esteem to continue our path or to start a new one. An aesthetic medicine that accompanies us and cares for us in our vital growth. Since then he has dedicated all his time to this exciting world. He completed the Master in Aesthetic Medicine and the Master of Aesthetics in Oncology patients in Spain.