“Wonderful experience with simple formulas of plant origin”

Barr cosmetics

Barr cosmetics is a well-known Korean cosmetics brand for the care of sensitive, atopic, reactive skin, with rosacea and/or acne.

Its formulas of 100% natural origin are clean, simple and highly effective. Formulated with ingredients carefully chosen to care for sensitive skin, such as Centella Asiatica and Panthenol. All products respect the user's skin as much as possible. In fact, they are the gentlest and safest products you will find on our website.

Barr's philosophy is a minimalist approach to beauty routines. "Less is more"; The brand itself promotes a simple and practical skin care culture, using only the best essential and necessary ingredients. As an added value, Barr is a green brand that promotes sustainability, is eco-friendly, cruelty free and suitable for vegan use. Its most popular line, Centella Calming, cares for and repairs the skin's natural barrier.

Pamper your skin with Barr brand products!

We make you and the planet more beautiful

Barr Cosmetics is a 100% vegan Korean cosmetics firm that is committed to transparency and has a very specific objective: to make your skin healthier, cared for and without irritation.

This brand is ideal for the most sensitive skin—although all skin types can use it—because it focuses on hydrating and enhancing the skin's natural barrier. Discover how Barr's minimalist routine protects your skin from external agents!

Barr is a minimalist lifestyle project: living simply, having less stuff and making your life less stressful. By decluttering your life, you will be able to focus and know what comes first. Living sustainably is not easy or comfortable, but even small steps towards being sustainable will reflect on us in a positive way.

  • Incorporate only necessary ingredients,
  • Not with controversial ingredients,
  • A simple skin care routine,
  • With a direct description without honeyed words,
  • We make skin care culture practical and intelligent.

“Great ingredients speak for themselves.”

Celeste Jo

Founder of Barr