Reference in Korean cosmetics with high quality formulas

Benton Cosmetics is a Korean cosmetics brand that since its birth in 2011 has specialized in skin care, especially for the most sensitive skin. Its founder decided to create it as a result of his brother's skin problems, who had constant allergies and irritations. After using expensive and ineffective products, they chose to formulate their own products, creating product lines with highly effective ingredients, ideal for even the most sensitive skin.


Benton is characterized by its ingredients and formulas focused on highlighting the skin's natural beauty. Through its focus on natural ingredients, Benton has created a line of highly effective products that are also suitable for sensitive skin. From the star Benton Snail Bee collection, with its high concentration of snail mucin to regenerate and soften scars; to the refreshing Benton Pha Peeling Toner, enriched with natural aloe vera; Each of their products become an excellent ally to achieve radiant and revitalized skin.


In addition to its dedication to creating formulas suitable for sensitive skin, Benton does not neglect the creation of products focused on different problems. Their Snail Bee range focuses on regenerating formulas; Let's carrot is an ally for dull skin; Goodbye Redness was designed to control breakouts and shine on oilier skin... and its Soothing Aloe range is an ideal recommendation to provide relief to sensitive, irritated skin. There are many more, discover them all!

Respectful cosmetics

More than a Korean cosmetics brand, Benton is presented as a symbol of commitment to sensitive skin, without good eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Benton is committed to an approach that seeks healthy skin and a greener world, marking the authentic revolution of “Clean Beauty”.

Recyclable packaging

Benton not only advances in the formulations of its products: it also continually develops new packaging formats that are increasingly more recyclable. Small changes such as modifying metal-free applicators make it easier to recycle the packaging once the product is finished.

Materials with less impact

Did you know that Benton product boxes are made from bamboo pulp and fiber? The adhesive that seals them is biodegradable, and the ink printed on the boxes comes from soybeans, a more natural ink with less impact on the environment. These changes may seem small, but Benton has adapted all its ranges to these materials so that your beauty routine has less impact on nature.

Towards minimalist formulas

Benton has also decided to apply its commitment to sustainability from the inside of its products. Their formulas tend to reduce their list of ingredients, avoiding the most controversial ones in the cosmetic world. In addition, a large part of their ranges are vegan, offering a more sustainable and kind alternative to the planet and those of us who live on it.