“Hybrid Korean facial care products”

Our objetive

The Erborian care brand (French pronunciation of “Herbes d'Orient”) combines the effectiveness of traditional pharmacopeia herbs with Korean formulation technologies.

We create hybrid products, such as the iconic BB and CC creams, a mix between Korean facial care and makeup.

These products respond to a specific objective of the brand:

allow all women to have perfect skin, in a simple and different way.

At Erborian we provide

1. Immediate results and beneficial active ingredients for the skin with all our products.
2. Absolute security in all our formulas.
3. Ease and pleasure in all stages of your routine.

All our ingredients are carefully chosen to offer you the best for your skin in every step of the routine.

Erborian's Smart Korean Facial Routine… In 3 Steps!

Koreans, beauty experts from an early age, have inherited from generation to generation a routine that gives their skin what it deserves. Our smart routine transforms this sophisticated ritual into a quick and simple practice.

  1. Purification: the Korean double cleansing to purify the skin.
  2. Stimulation: skin care thanks to the benefits of miraculous Korean plants.
  3. Final touch: hybrid products to easily achieve a perfect complexion!

Our products are not tested on animals

Erborian is a Korean brand, but we do not sell products in China.

Regarding tests carried out on animals, Erborian does not test any of its products, ingredients or raw materials on animals, it is an essential requirement that we apply throughout the development process of our products, from development to manufacturing. The raw materials from our suppliers are also not tested on animals.

The ingredients we don't use

To continue offering you a high-quality routine, we have decided to permanently exclude some ingredients from all our ranges. In this way, in Erborian you will not find:

  • Sulfates (SLS + SLES)
  • Parabens
  • Oxybenzone
  • Triclosan and triclocarban

We love doing things differently…

At the same time we offer you skin-friendly formulas!

All our products meet the strictest quality and safety standards in health matters. The formulas are regulated by European regulations (considered the strictest in the world) and follow a demanding and transparent process, from the choice of ingredients to the conception of the final product.