“Specially designed for sensitive skin and active lives in the sun”

Revolutionary Swedish Invention

EVY Swedish sunscreens with mousse texture use patented medical technology, even for extra sensitive skin, allergies and albinism, since 1999.


    EVY's patented medical formulas have unique characteristics, which provide superior sun protection, for much longer. Its mousse penetrates the deepest layers of the skin instead of remaining on the surface, as many creams do, and it does not disappear even if you shower, swim, sweat, rub, or dry with a towel. This means you get ultra-long-lasting protection against UVA and UVB rays for up to 6-8 hours. Since you don't need to reapply the foam as often as a conventional sunscreen and it retains its protection despite swimming for hours and towel drying, it's a great option for kids as it's a perfect ultra-gentle formula. from 6 months onwards. Although it is not necessary to re-apply the product in this period of time, we will always recommend that you do it every 2 hours. Our products also protect the skin from heat, wind and irritating agents such as chlorine, salt or soap.


    EVY technology contains different solar filters. The concentration of each filter is low (less than 10%), but because they interact with each other, they offer maximum effectiveness against UVA and UVB rays. Our sunscreen is very well tested and approved by authorities, including official EU bodies. Our products provide extra high and stable protection against UVA rays, which is important for people allergic to the sun, children and those who want to avoid premature skin aging. The SPF that appears on the packaging only indicates UVB protection, for example, an SPF 50 protects 98% against UVB rays. Our UVA protection is superior to other products on the market, offering protection of 97.2% of the SPF value, being particularly outstanding protection and far exceeding EU 1/3 requirements. We follow the Boots standard for UVA rays and provide the highest protection possible - 5 stars.


    With our sunscreens you will not have a sticky feeling or shine on your skin, they are suitable for both the face and the body. You can also use EVY around the eyes and lips. The foam absorbs and penetrates very quickly, making the product very easy to use. It is completely odorless, leaves no white residue and does not clog pores.

    If you want to protect the ends of your hair from the strong sun, you can use the mousse on them or apply it to the scalp if it is very sensitive or you have very fine hair. The formula hydrates and protects the skin against dehydration due to sun exposure and premature aging.


    EVY is specially developed for sensitive and hyper-sensitive skin and is recommended by many dermatologists. Of course, they are also suitable for other skin types. They are perfect for those people with eczema, sun allergies or albinism. The Swedish Vitiligo Association has designated EVY Sunscreen mousse as the safest sunscreen on the market for all its members. EVY is a good option for those who cannot tolerate conventional sunscreens, since its formula is hypoallergenic and extra gentle on the skin. All of our products are safe for young children, but we do not recommend using SPF less than 30 on children under 16 years of age. Our products are free of perfumes, dyes and nano-particles.


    EVY Mousse SPFs were chosen as the official sunscreens on EF boats in the Whitbread “Around The World” (now Volvo Ocean Race) during the nine months the crew were at sea. Robinson, the Axa Adidas multi-sport team and the Swedish team in the Atlantic Rowing Race, are other elite athletes who have chosen to use our products in extreme conditions. Since you don't need to reapply the foam as frequently as a conventional sunscreen, and it retains its protection despite swimming for hours and towel drying, it's perfect for use during extreme sports.


    A bottle of our mousse lasts approximately twice as long as other conventional sun creams, as it spreads and penetrates the skin very easily, making it easier for us to use the correct amount of product, compared to a cream.

    Its aerosol container is never opened, being completely air-less, therefore, it remains germ-free and fresh until the can is finished.

  • UVB Sun Protection
    by EVY Technology

    SPF 50 (98%)

    SPF 30 (96.6%)

    SPF 20 (95%)

    SPF 10 (90%)

  • UVA Sun Protection
    from EVY Technology VS others

    EVY Technology (more than 90%)

    Conventional solar (around 30%)

    Other plots (less than 30%)

Prevent premature aging

90% of premature skin aging is caused by the sun. As an example, one in three Swedes suffers visible skin damage from the sun. A reasonable and economical investment for skin health is to use an effective sunscreen daily and not only in summer. In addition to EVY's unique formula and sunscreens (which provide UVA protection of 97.2% of the SPF value), we have added vitamin C, E, collagen and silk extracts to prevent and repair damage solar. Since our products protect the skin against sunburn, they allow the skin's melanin to develop properly and bloom a beautiful tan that is intense in color and lasts longer, as the formula helps retain the skin's own hydration.

For sensitive skin

EVY is developed for sensitive skin and is suitable even for those who have vitiligo or albinism (a condition, in which the skin lacks protective pigment, either in the form of white spots or in an entire area). EVY has been voted the safest sunscreen by the Swedish Vitiligo Association for many years. It is also recommended by dermatologists and estheticians for those who suffer from eczema or sun allergies. EVY's formula protects your skin from irritants and chemicals. Therefore, it is a good alternative for those people with other skin problems, such as those allergic to water or nickel. Many of our clients who experienced skin irritations and rashes when using other sunscreens have indicated that they have disappeared after using EVY.

Gentle formula for children

All our products are ultra-soft, hypo-allergenic and can be used from 6 months of age. For children under 16 years of age, we always recommend using SPF 30 or higher. Even children with darker skin should protect themselves with products with high UVA protection, because children's skin is thinner. This will help prevent future skin damage. The foam does NOT wash off with water and does not need to be reapplied frequently. It's great for parents since they won't have to worry about re-applying sunscreen, especially if the kids can't stop playing and looking for their own adventures. For the little ones, it is also a real advantage to not have to reapply protection all the time. EVY does not stain clothing and offers safe, water-resistant sun protection, even in extreme conditions.

Makeup Artists' Favorite

Serious problems can occur if actors burn in the sun during filming. For this reason, the best professional makeup artists and skin care experts choose EVY. It protects the skin for up to six hours and, as it provides a matte, residue-free finish, it can even be applied over makeup if necessary. During the filming of 'Survivor' and 'Paradise Hotel' (Swedish TV shows) and the films Sune and Tzatziki, all participants and actors were protected with EVY, which meant that filming could continue even in strong sunlight. Our products are also frequently found in the toiletries of the best makeup artists in Hollywood.

Rigorously tested

For those athletes who face difficult challenges in extreme conditions, it is especially important to trust the products used. EVY is chosen as the sunscreen for athletes with the most demanding demands. The crew of the EF boats in the 'Whitbread Around the World' who spend nine months at sea, the Swedish team in Mulitsport who sail around the world and the Swedish team in the Atlantic Rowing Race, are just a few examples of the many elite athletes who choose EVY. Even the Swedish golf team uses EVY as their official sunscreen. So whether you scuba dive, play beach volleyball, run marathons or climb mountains in the Himalayas, you can feel confident that your sunscreen will be up to the challenge.


Our formula is multi-function and is even used to protect the skin from photosensitizing substances such as the use of high concentrations of hydroxy acids or in the treatment of nickel allergies. It is a perfect formula to use as a vehicle for the pre-penetration of active ingredients such as sunscreens, topical skin anesthetics, fungicidal agents, bactericides, etc.
The base formula creates an osmotic membrane, that is, a semi-permeable membrane in the skin. This membrane protects the skin against the effects of harmful substances and also helps it self-recover from any damage. The formula contains lipophilic and hydrophilic components in two phases. Thanks to this, the formula works simultaneously on several levels of the skin. This two-dimensional filter membrane reinforces the skin's natural properties instead of adding additional substances, to relieve symptoms. The lipophilic components of the formula prevent immediate contact between water, water-soluble substances and between the hydrophilic parts of the treated skin, thus preventing the skin from drying out or dehydrating. During use, hydrophilic centers also appear in lipophilic regions, so that normal sweating basically has no effect and, through the osmotic membrane, the skin's natural ability to maintain an even balance between exits and entrances (for example, humidity and heat), without altering the formula or its protective function. This formula does not add any excess oil to the skin and therefore does not stain clothing or leave a sticky feel or residue on the surface. At the same time, it penetrates deeper into the skin, which consequently has a deeper acting effect than traditional creams. Another great advantage is that it lasts a long time, even after washing your face or body.