“Living Proof formulas are tailored solutions that are scientifically designed to solve unique hair challenges, never to hide them”

Innovative solutions

By leading with science, we design innovative solutions to your real-world hair problems. ‌‌We know how different and complex hair types can be, so we approach your hair challenges with ingenuity rather than developing a “one-size-fits-all” ingredient or formula.

We do not follow trends, we develop technologies that change categories. Case in point: the #1 selling prestige dry shampoo, Perfect Hair Day™. Unlike other dry shampoos on the market that simply load hair with powder, texture and fragrance, ours is scientifically designed to actually clean hair: First, it absorbs oil, sweat and dirt and neutralizes odors, then removes effectively freshly activated powders. Leaving practically nothing behind.

Living Proof products are bioengineered and developed in the laboratory using a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness, safety and performance, all while remaining cruelty-free.

How do we formulate?

What is also super important? The fact that we never formulate with silicones, which are found in 87% of our competitors' products. While silicones can give hair immediate slip, shine and softness, they have the opposite effect in the long term. Silicones are actually quite heavy, weighing down the hair and causing a lot of buildup and dullness over time. And since they act as a true sealant, silicones can also prevent health-boosting, moisturizing ingredients from penetrating the hair shaft. The result? A recurring cycle of damage.‌

  • Thickening Molecule

    It leaves a microscopic pattern of thick spots, creating hair that acts, looks and feels like it is naturally fuller.

  • Volumizing and texturizing molecule

    Increases the space between individual hair fibers for long-lasting volume and texture that doesn't weigh hair down.

  • Healthy follicular complex

    Promotes stronger hair from the roots and restores the protective function of the scalp for balanced hydration.

  • Healthy curls complex

    A biomimetic blend that forms a protective shield around each strand to increase curl definition and encourage curl clumps.

Performance + Control Science

Our scientists are committed to holding our products to the strictest standards by using a variety of hair and industry-specific tests, such as tensile strength, along with advanced analysis such as differential scanning calorimetry, which measures the repair effectiveness, and SEM (Barrudi Electron Microscope) imaging to see what is really left behind on the strands.

Safety + Quality

Safety and quality are always at the backbone of every formula we make, all over 450 to date. Through quality control procedures, we ensure microbiological efficacy and evaluate each formula.

Performance + Consumer Perception

However, it is equally important that we keep our consumers involved in our testing protocols by using the following analyses: National Consumer Use Test, Regional Home Use Test, Qualitative and Quantitative Testing of Product Benefits, and Competitive Comparison. .