“We have created Sensitive Skin Lab to celebrate an increasingly authentic and confident beauty.”

To allow women with sensitive skin to enjoy highly cosmetic pro-aging rituals, without giving up sensoriality.

What is sensitive skin?

We formulate new products with ingredients extracted from plants (green biotechnology) and the sea (blue biotechnology) , organisms that for millennia have proven effective in surviving extreme environments and that now, thanks to biotechnology, we can apply to our skin to Protect it from pollution, stress or blue light from digital screens.

They are active ingredients extracted from spirulina or chlorella algae, argan or apple stem cells, growth factors and other new biotechnological active ingredients that allow us to imagine, create and develop even more effective products, taking advantage of the resources that nature gives us.

A sensoriality to the surface of the skin for a cosmetic that reconciles the body and the mind and provides complete well-being

Sensilis beauty rituals provide a unique sensory experience, creating a direct link with each woman's skin. We are committed to the perfect combination of beauty and sensoriality when creating our products.

Our senses are sensory filters and through them we connect with unique emotions and sensations.

Nowadays we want to be surprised by the beauty products we use, that awaken emotions in us. We expect a cosmetic product to provide us with a pleasant experience through visual, tactile and olfactory sensations.

Skin Respect Therapy

At Sensitive Skin Lab, we carefully select the ingredients we use and formulate them to ensure optimal effectiveness for sensitive skin. We have our own Skin Respect Therapy decalogue that leads us to increasingly “responsible beauty” formulas. As a pharmaceutical laboratory it is our responsibility to always go one step further in this regard.