“This brand is dedicated to improving the appearance of facial skin, as well as improving your well-being without leaving home”

The purpose of the brand's products is shown in this short sentence. This short sentence illustrates how the brand and, in particular, its products came to be. We had the opportunity to learn about the needs and problems of the skin. Furthermore, we had the time and tools to get to the bottom of this knowledge and analyze it thoroughly.

These are not cosmetics that guarantee a flawless complexion for everyone, because such a thing does not exist. Instead of aiming for perfection, we strive for normality. That's what SkinTra is all about.

In addition to providing care, our mission is to raise customer awareness about cosmetic products. We want you to know cosmetic chemistry in depth so that you can understand the mechanisms of action of cosmetic raw materials and their combinations. We want you to experience the high quality of SkinTra for yourself.

What inspired the idea for SkinTra?

It turns out that SkinTra wasn't even entirely focused on itself when it was first conceived. In the concept there are a number of basic products, such as hydrosols, tonics, oils and butters. In my mind and in that of Janusz, the owner of Cosibella, the concept of having our own brand was beginning to emerge. Although other directions were being created, we continued to focus on these “ordinary” ones. In my search for raw materials, I was looking for something interesting. Even though they looked ordinary, I wanted them to be unique or somewhat familiar. During this time, I also did individual cosmetology consultations, which helped me discover what clients really needed. Knowing the cosmetics market also allowed me to select very effective, interesting and, most importantly, safe ingredients. This led us to the conclusion that we were not going the easy way. Our patented products are beginning to take shape.

Are there plans to add more products?

Indeed, there are. We certainly won't stop with the products currently available, but we don't know when or what they will be. We invite you to share your wishes. Maybe he will even become an inspiration to us.

Why is SkinTra partnering with Las na Zawsze?

It is a foundation that plants forests called Las Na Zawsze. In addition, planted forests are legally protected so that they cannot be replaced. It was Janusz, the owner, who first wanted SkinTra to be involved in supporting the foundation. In the end, we decided to plant 0.5 m2 of forest with each cosmetic. Even if it is a cosmetic with advertising.

Have cosmetics been tested on animals?

Of course not. In countries where animal testing is permitted or mandatory, cosmetics are not sold or manufactured. We would not have carried out this type of testing even if the EU had allowed it.

Can you name one of your favorites?

I use all the products and I love them. As for my top pick, I would probably go with the All-Year Acid Peeling 24%. It is the only cosmetic product intended for retail sale that has lightened my discolorations without taking months to achieve results.

“It was my vision and my goal to create SkinTra, Cosibella's own brand, from scratch. “I worked hard to achieve the compositions, properties, appearances and smells of the products.”

– Natalia Zadroga –