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Nanobiotechnology in your cosmetic products. Liposomes and/or encapsulations are not a new concept in the field of medicine, for years they have been used to transport a pharmaceutical compound in the body for therapeutic purposes (DRUG DELIVERY).

Now, this proven technology reaches a new dimension, dramatically improving the results of cosmetic products. Unlike traditional liposomes used in cosmetics, formulated with soy lecithin and manufactured with basic methods, we have developed nanovesicles

Patented encapsulation.

Unlimited benefits.
  • Much more effective active ingredients because they release up to 12 times more active in the layer where the active is needed (epidermis, stratum corneum and hair follicle)
  • It prevents the active ingredient from degrading and maintains all its properties until it is released into the cosmetic target. It also prevents oxidation, so it resists the passage of time better and extends its useful life.
  • Thanks to its high concentration in fundamental phospholipids, it repairs altered skin, recovering the barrier and protective function, and reducing transepidermal water loss.
  • It guarantees maximum tolerance of the skin to the active ingredient applied, avoiding irritation, allergies or rejection of the product.

The Cosmetic Drone

Our patented delivery system is designed to directly reach the source of the problem. It detects the cells to act on, whatever layer of the skin they are in, and releases the full potential of the active ingredient with the precision of a drone. Based on the entire spectrum of skin problems we treat we have designed 3 delivery systems, one for each cosmetic target.

  • DDS

    Release in stratum basale.

    Vitamin K1 // Hyaluronic Acid // Resveratrol // Ferulic Acid // Ellagic Acid // ACE Complex // Retinol // Vitamin C // Kojic Acid // TXA Acid

  • CDS

    Release in stratum corneum.

    Salicylic Acid // Glycolic Acid

  • FDS

    Release in follicle.

    Zinc PCA

Why encapsulated assets?

The use of our deep release technology manages to transport up to 12 times more of the active ingredient into the skin than when used freely (without encapsulation).
And not only that, but the active ingredients encapsulated in these deep release systems penetrate the skin quickly and safely, without undergoing alterations in its molecular structure and are released at said level, keeping its functionality intact.
In summary, a greater amount of 100% functional active ingredient in the right place manages to exponentially enhance the results of cosmetic formulations and therefore the satisfaction of people who trust our brand.


We perform “ex vivo” dermal penetration tests (human skin explants) as part of the process of verifying the functionality and suitability of our nanovesicles, determining the amount of active ingredient released in each skin layer, in a comparative manner with the natural diffusion of the active ingredient. unencapsulated.

Anti-wrinkle capacity of LET-Retinol (Collagen Analysis)

At the same concentration of Retinol, the LET-Retinol product is 4.5 times more effective than free Retinol, recovering 90% of collagen 9 days after starting the treatment.

Forget everything you think you know about cosmetics. The rules have changed.

At Transparent we want to be in your skin. And we only know one way to do it. Without filters.

For us, being transparent is the cornerstone of our project, it is the belief that a cosmetic is more than just a product that has a specific function on your skin. It is the conviction that cosmetics must work, convince and transmit: our goal is that every time one of our formulas is used, each person feels what each and every one of our products is capable of offering, having that indescribable sensation of be in good hands. That what worries you about your skin has a solution, and you are on the path that leads you to it. Bluntly.

This is our project, the truth ahead.

It's not just cosmetics, it's confidence.