“We are the cosmetics of the future. The one that helps you, the one that explains it to you. The one that works. ”

Seriously effective, wonderfully transparent

We are the cosmetics of the future. The one that helps you, the one that explains it to you. The one that works. If everything evolves, why shouldn't cosmetics do the same? An empowered, respectful and transparent cosmetics.

At Two Poles we select the most effective and respectful ingredients for your skin. Natural or synthetic. What is really important is that they are of quality, respect all skin types and guarantee maximum effectiveness.

Why choose between natural and synthetic when you can have the best of both worlds?

Transparency, efficiency and honesty. Our history

Our history is indivisible from that of our founder Anna. She is heart and soul. Motor and strength of a great team of people who make this dream possible. Two Poles was born to solve a real need. That of her daughter Gal·la who, like many other people, was born with sensitive (and precious) skin that reacted to many elements that surround us daily.

  • Most of our formulas contain more than 95% natural ingredients and are allergen-free. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
  • Do you know that to make one liter of rose essential oil you need 4,000 kg of petals? Where possible, we use synthetic versions to be more sustainable, effective and vegan. Common sense, above all.

Anna, founder of Two Poles

“If as a professional I am persistent, imagine you as a mother… I did everything possible to understand the conditions of your skin. I discovered which ingredients calmed her and helped her worst flare-ups. Also those that irritated her and were harmful. And finally, I found a great ally in natural cosmetics.

Later, as a cosmetic formulation professional, I felt the need to create an effective product for all skin types. To give back to society everything I have learned on this journey: a transparent and honest brand, which educates and informs clearly. Composed of the best natural and synthetic ingredients. Because sometimes we need that extra something that we don't have with natural cosmetics alone.”