“High quality dietary supplements”


A precise formulation based on current needs. Formulas born from the synergy between aesthetic medicine and The Slovenian company Valens is a world-renowned manufacturer of innovative food supplements and functional raw materials that offer an answer to the challenges of a modern lifestyle. A team of great experts in the field of pharmacy and nutrition is constantly developing products that bring new dimensions to health, well-being and beauty that comes from within. Valens nutritional supplements are now available in more than thirty countries, while with the raw material Q10Vital®, one of the best forms of coenzyme Q10 in the world, we are already present on four different continents.

The development and manufacturing of products and raw materials takes place in Šenčur, near Kranj, where the company's headquarters are also located. For more demanding projects, we also cooperate with external institutions and business partners. The entire business process is carried out in accordance with the most demanding quality standards. For quality management, we have established the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which, among other things, allows for continuous improvement and the achievement of set objectives. In addition to the ISO certificate, we obtained two other very important certificates that we renew every year: GMP and IFS. The combination of the strictest guidelines and standards established by the certificates guarantees the high quality and 100% safety of our products.

GMP certified

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate is designed for companies in the food and pharmaceutical sector. It guarantees 100% the safety of products that directly affect human health (dietary supplements, foods, health products, medications and cosmetics).

It represents the highest level of quality in the production of nutritional supplements. Among other things, it requires adequate health and technical infrastructure, trained and well-informed staff, and very accurate record-keeping. At the same time, it establishes precise and strict standards in all procedures of the entire production process, from product development to production, packaging, storage and distribution.

Products manufactured according to GMP are 100% safe for the consumer.

IFS Food standard

The IFS (International Featured Standard) family of certificates focuses on increasing transparency in the supply chain and offers retailers uniform criteria to evaluate their suppliers or food producers.

The IFS “Food Standard” is prescribed for the food industry, which also includes food supplements. It accurately describes business processes and other factors that impact food safety and guides their correct management. The IFS combines the requirements of the HACCP system with the principles of good business and hygiene.

Iso 9001

ISO 9001, or its latest version 9001:2015, is an international standard for quality management, which not only focuses on the food or pharmaceutical industry, but on organizations in various sectors. ISO mainly determines the technical and organizational aspects of the company – its standards and guidelines define the entire business process and its management.