Acne after training

Acné después de entrenar

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Acne after training? Do you love the feeling of extra energy after your training session, but not so much the sudden acne breakouts that appear? Here we offer you the most common reasons why acne occurs from going to the gym and how you can prevent and treat it.

Adopting a regular exercise routine is an important step to achieving a healthy body, but for some of us it can also mean getting unwanted acne breakouts (on the face and other areas of the body).

“The good news is that you don't have to leave the gym to maintain clear, healthy skin. Here are some tips to treat the causes of acne after the gym.”

What to do immediately after training?

To avoid acne after training, as soon as you have finished the exercises, you should jump into the shower and use a fragrance-free body wash and a specific facial cleanser without soap or artificial perfumes that can irritate the skin or alter its natural protective barrier. Sweat mixed with other substances (bacteria, facial moisturizers with dyes, makeup, etc.) create a perfect environment on the surface of the skin for the proliferation of the bacteria that causes acne. Getting rid of it immediately is a great step to minimize the risk of acne.

If you do not have the possibility of taking a shower in your gym facilities, we can at least bring a change of clean, dry clothes and clean the skin of the face with a towel moistened with water. Changing your clothes will reduce the amount of sweat and bacteria built up on your skin (reducing the likelihood of acne breakouts on your body), and rinsing facial skin with water does the same. Once home, be sure to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser or take a shower as soon as possible.

Facial treatment after training

If we are not in a hurry, we can ask ourselves... should we carry out a complete care routine or choose to use the essentials immediately after training? There is no definitive answer to this, but if you have the time, it is best to do your usual facial care routine, especially if we train first thing in the morning.

If you go to the gym mid-day, cleanse your facial skin with a gentle cleanser, apply an alcohol- or perfume-free toner and a well-formulated moisturizer with SPF , and touch up your makeup as desired. We will ensure that your skin gets a good mix of anti-irritants, the necessary hydration, and the essential sun protection during daytime hours. This does not exempt us from carrying out our necessary facial care routine every morning and night, this is an extra process due to our mid-day training.

If you do not have the opportunity to do what is described above in your gym facilities, rinse your skin with water, do not apply makeup on top and try to cleanse your skin as soon as possible.

Post-workout anti-acne treatment

Whether acne breakouts appear on the body or face, the treatment is more or less the same. Cleanse skin with a gentle, irritant-free cleanser and use a BHA face scrub (salicylic acid) or body BHA scrub , never a scrub (grainy scrub), as a skin care routine that treats and eliminates post-workout breakouts. .

A leave-on, peel-off BHA scrub used once a day (applied in the morning along with SPF or at night) should be your second key step in your plan to fight and treat acne breakouts. Try the incredible results of our exfoliants in the most recommended texture for your skin type.