The best treatments for acne

Los mejores tratamientos para el acné

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Today we recommend the best treatments with key ingredients to treat acne based on different needs.

But before….

What is acne and how does it occur?

Acne is an inflammatory disease that affects the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles due to an overproduction of sebum, blocking the duct through which the sebum must be eliminated naturally, giving rise to inflammation due to the accumulation of excess fat, being the perfect place for bacteria to appear, since they feed on the sebum itself.

One of the well-known ones is Cutibacterium Acnes , a bacteria that is naturally present in our sebaceous glands, forming part of the balance of the skin microbiome, and which is part of the optimal functioning of the skin. When we suffer from acne, the skin microbiome becomes unbalanced due to the appearance and development of more bacteria, altering the natural balance.

Acneic skin is not only suffered during puberty in a large percentage of young people, but it can also occur in adulthood, considered from the age of 25, being increasingly prone due to all the factors that we are exposed to.

Acne comes from various causes, factors such as stress, hormonal changes, type of diet, tobacco, the use of cosmetics with inappropriate formulations, pollution, climate, excessive sunbathing...

When we suffer from acne, our first need is to consult a specialist doctor to treat it, since it not only affects the health of our skin, but we also have to deal with the emotional impact.

Acne skin reveals an irregular texture with imperfections due to dilated and clogged pores, blackheads, posttules, blackheads, papules and can even sometimes give rise to cysts, which often create infections causing acne lesions, such as Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation leading to inflamed red spots, or post-acne brown spots, which can become much more serious skin lesions and scars.

How do we treat it?

It is always important to follow the recommendations made by medical professionals, to evaluate the type of acne, whether it is mild or severe and thus maintain the recommended guidelines.

 Two great qualities to develop are patience and discipline, since they will help us to constantly follow the appropriate guidelines, follow the recommended treatments until the end and maintain basic daily care routines, if we want to reduce acne and achieve a healthy skin.

We must flee from:

  • Poor diet and tobacco, this does not help us with good natural oxygenation of our skin.
  • Do not use comedogenic cosmetics or makeup as they clog pores.
  • Do not touch the pimples, since the act of exploding or touching them in an unprofessional manner will only cause us to infect adjacent follicles and spread the bacteria.

Suitable products with specific assets


Facial cleansing morning and night is essential. Using cleansers with Salicylic Acid will help keep our skin clean and reduce imperfections such as pores, blackheads and excess oil.

Another option is, when we want to maintain a balanced skin microbiota or suffer from irritative acne, to include cleansers formulated with active ingredients that help restore the skin microbiome, using cleansers rich in probiotics such as Strawberry + Probiotic Balancing Gel Cleanser or Pro Balance Pure Cleansing Oil and Pro Balance Creamy Cleansing Foam

Scrubs and masks

Also active ingredients with exfoliating action such as Betahydroxy acids together with Alphahydroxy acids , adapting to each need, have become key non-invasive and effective products to eliminate impurities and acne breakouts thanks to the comedolytic and keratolytic properties, which help minimize the appearance of pimples and impurities, eliminate imperfections, blur marks.

Now leave-in exfoliating toners are giving a lot to talk about thanks to the fact that they are easy to apply and super effective in results, essential to minimize the appearance of pimples and impurities. We have Cheer Up based on Salicylic and Mandelic, a perfect team to work even on post-acne spots.

We also recommend the use of masks for intensive treatment:

  • If you have combination - oily skin with enlarged pores, the most powerful and effective mask is Mask 15.
  • If you have irritated and sensitive acne-prone skin, we recommend the Volcánica mask.

Serum and Moisturizers

If you have enlarged pores and blackheads, you cannot pass up the Porefectly Clear and Liquid Clarity serums based on Salicic Acid , super powerful to help minimize and clean the most enlarged pores and blackheads.

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential, we recommend the specific line of Tea Tree Purifine , a care line to combat acne breakouts thanks to the high concentration of Tea Tree with anti-inflammatory properties.

The 5α Control line is a specific line to control excess sebum, ideal for combination and oily skin.

Silver Lining Dioic & Willowherb Blemish Treatment is a moisturizing cream with a high treatment potential thanks to Diodic Acid, Willow Extract, Zinc PCA and Silver, an innovation in effectiveness to treat acne and inflammation outbreaks, helping to blur spots brown and red from past acne.

Solar protection

We must also include a sunscreen specifically formulated for oily and acne-prone skin with technology that regulates and controls sebum production, such as the 5α Control No-sebum Sun Lotion SPF50+ sunscreen, or if your skin is acne-prone and you want To blur imperfections, Tea Tree Purifine Green Up Sun SPF50+ sunscreen is ideal thanks to its greenish base to cover redness instantly.