“Fusion of the most advanced cosmeceuticals with luxurious performance”

Advanced cosmeceuticals

Taken alone, the formulations and overall appearance of pharmacologically advanced products are generally not very sophisticated, while luxury products are extremely expensive or inaccessible. Skintegra represents a fusion between the most advanced functional cosmeceuticals and the elegant performance that luxury cosmetics provide.

Skintegra is also an interdisciplinary platform that integrates cutting-edge knowledge in skin and cosmetics and uses it to create unique products. At Skinintegra we understand what the skin needs, but we also do not lose sight of the user's needs.

Ultimately, the visible results and ease of use of the products are what most motivates us to use advanced cosmetic preparations on a daily and long-term basis. Only such an approach can result in truly healthy and beautiful skin.


Each of our products is accompanied by a description and detailed analysis of the functionality of each active ingredient it contains. Our formulations are non-comedogenic and are suitable for sensitive and reactive skin. We firmly believe that modesty is a virtue, so when describing our products, we leave the use of superlatives to our users. Instead, we like to let the facts about our brand speak for us.

Skinta formulations use clinically proven active ingredients, in appropriate concentrations that meet the criteria of the most up-to-date findings on the treatment of premature skin aging, acne, comedones, depigmentation and enlarged pores.

Skinta's formulation, design and laboratory production processes are carried out in Croatia, while the recyclable packaging is of German and Italian origin.

Not tested on animals

“None of our products are tested on animals at any stage of production, but are tested exclusively on humans, volunteers. Skintegra undertakes the obligation that no third party performs animal testing on its behalf and that all raw materials are sourced from the European Union and Switzerland, where, in accordance with 2013 legislation, animal testing is explicitly prohibited. ”